2019 – Mit Bosted

The impulses of young future citizens living in Bosted, give “MitBosted 2019″ a unique experience for a digital mapping.
“Where do I feel at home?” “what is a new home for me?”
Workshops questions arose among young participants and artists with diverse creative backgrounds. Facilitated by TeaterKUNST in collaboration with Integrationsnet/Bosted, each meeting respected the pace of each individual process and invited participants to delve into their own questions about” home”. There was a shared understanding that timing, meetings, and coo -creating, were more important than just producing a polished end result.
Each young participants needed to find their own way in the process, and the artists offered various orientation tools: performance, video, new technology, and more… to immersed in this journey together.
This is the source of “Mit Bosted 2019” – a digital mapping of a new home, created from the perspective of the young people living in Bosted.
On this map, you can explore the windows and experience it through someone else’s eyes.
Click the link to watch the videos or be on the site/local Bosted Gentofte to activate the triggers made on the house and watch the videos where they were created.
Enjoy it;)
TeaterKUNST artistic team.


Kani Mohamed Najame Elias Showing the house Roohuulah Tinah Mohamed Kani Roohuulah Elias David Kani Casita Tinah Miski Text Teater Kunst Text Mit Bosted Roohuulah